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Walz will continue getting things done for southern MN
Nov 3 2016
Walz will continue getting things done for southern MN
Editorial Board

The country and the 1st Congressional District will be well served by electing Tim Walz to another term in Congress.

Why? He wants to get things done.

So do we. So do most Americans.

“People desire to see a functioning government,” Walz responded when asked what he has been hearing this campaign season. “There’s a hunger for that. People are looking for things to work.”

That’s been Walz’s approach since his first day in Congress in 2007.

“My job is to get good legislation passed. That’s in the best interest of the country,” he said.

We couldn’t agree more. The time for partisan gridlock has passed — as if there was ever a time for it in the first place.

Walz is under no illusions. As a Democrat in a Republican-controlled House of Representatives, getting things done is difficult — but not impossible. Through the years he has built a reputation for working with members of both parties to get things done — on farm policy, on veterans’ affairs, on building a bridge across the Mississippi in Winona.

“You have to find places of common ground,” he said.

It would be nice to say we found the same approach and attitude in his opponent, but we really didn’t.

“The House is run by one vote more than half ... I’ll be in the deal from day one,” Republican Jim Hagedorn said, pointing out that if elected he would be a member of an anticipated Republican majority, a Republican majority that has dedicated itself to fruitless obstructionism.

Hagedorn appears to be okay with that. “I’ll push for my issues and keep pushing ... Just because it’s rejected doesn’t mean you should quit.”

Like the more than 60 Republican House votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

We don’t need more Congressmen pushing issues, we need more finding solutions.

Finding solutions is what Tim Walz is all about.

Let’s send him back to Washington.

He’s earned it.

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