Walz proposes changes for No Child Left Behind

Congressman Tim Walz says that penalties in the No Child Left Behind program should be removed until Congress reforms the controversial initiative.
Walz, a DFL 1st District representative from Mankato, Minn., stood next to Rochester schools Superintendent Romain Dallemand on the steps of the Edison administration building Saturday and announced plans to co-author the legislation. The bill would, for at least a year, suspend the identification of schools in need of improvement and freeze ongoing sanctions against schools that have been identified multiple times. The bill would not freeze sanctions against schools that are in their fourth or fifth year of needing improvement.
The federal No Child Left Behind program requires schools to make yearly progress goals. If schools fail to meet them, they are identified as under performing. After repeated annual identification, schools are required to employ tutor help or, in extreme cases, restructure. Entire schools can be...