Southern Minnesota Jobs and the Economy

I am very proud to represent Southern Minnesota, where the commitment to hard work, innovation, and investment runs strong.” – Tim Walz


Southern Minnesotans understand that many factors come together to create a vibrant economy.  Here are some of the ways in which Tim is dedicated to growing our economy:


Safe Roads, Bridges, Rail and Ports

Southern Minnesotans ship world-leading products and commodities around the globe.  To transport our goods, we rely upon safe and sufficient transportation options.  Making needed repairs and expanding vital routes are smart investments that help our economy grow. Tim fought for a long-term transportation bill, which passed the House in late 2015.


Affordable Housing

Businesses—small and large—have made it clear one of the most pressing challenges they face is affordable housing for new and current employees.  Tim is working with public and private partners to address this issue.


Other critically components of a robust economy include sensible and strategic tax policies that support job creation and business expansion, development of affordable and sustainable energy sources, and policies that promote American production and business growth.



Tim serves on the House Agriculture Committee, where he works to ensure Minnesota producers can continue to feed, fuel, and clothe the world. He has focused on conservation to ensure our farmers have the tools they need to be good stewards of the land and that beginning farmers can be successful so that America can continue our proud farming traditions.  

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