The Walz Bipartisan Energy Plan

 “Americans clearly understand that when it comes to resolving the energy crisis, we are all in this together. With oil prices reaching another record high…the time for action on renewable energy and American energy independence is now. Ending our dependence on foreign oil and using renewable energy to help fight global warming will make our nation stronger. And at a time when our economy is struggling, these investments will help create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.”  - Tim Walz 



Congressman Tim Walz, a high-school teacher and National Guard veteran, knows that Minnesotans deserve a change in their nation’s energy policy. As he has done on issues from the Farm Bill to the GI Bill, he’s worked with his colleagues on both sides of the aisle to forge a bipartisan, common-sense solution to our energy crisis.

Our country imports around 60% of its oil from foreign countries, many of whom are hostile.  We should not continue sending our hard earned dollars to foreign countries who hate us when they will hate us for free.

Tim believes southern Minnesota can lead a clean energy revolution and move our country away from sources of energy that hamper our economy, pollute our environment and endanger our national security.  

The Walz Plan

In July of 2008, Tim and about 20 of his colleagues, both Republicans and Democrats, got fed up with the partisan bickering and finger-pointing in Congress about who is to blame for our energy crisis and decided to do something about it. They kicked the special interests from the room, rolled up their sleeves and got to work to figure out a smart, balanced plan that makes America energy independent.

Our country imports around 60% of its oil from foreign countries, many of whom are hostile.  We should not continue sending our hard earned dollars to foreign countries who hate us when they will hate us for free.

In Spring 2011, Tim and several of his colleagues put the bipartisan energy group back together and introduced H.R. 1861: the “Infrastructure Jobs and Energy Independence Act.” 

The plan increases offshore oil drilling in the short term in a responsible way, and invests the royalty payments made by oil companies for the new offshore drilling to fund renewable energy research, infrastructure renewal, conservation, and environmental restoration – all without raising taxes.  The new jobs in construction and “green” energy will help put America back to work.

Increasing Oil Production Here at Home

  • Increases domestic oil and gas production by expediting lease sales and repealing 125 mile moratorium in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico.  Drilling must comply with new safety standards.

Speeding the Transition to Clean Energy

  • Invests the estimated $2.2 to $3.7 trillion in royalty payments from oil companies to speed up the transition to clean energy:
    • $440 billion for infrastructure renewal: locks, dams, bridges, roads and highways are in desperate need of repair, this legislation would offset some of those costs all while creating jobs.
    • $330 billion will go towards renewable energy and energy efficiency.  This will help the United States move towards a clean and renewable energy future.
    • $66 billion will be used to protect and conserve America’s natural resources for our generation as well as the future generations.
    • $220 billion will go towards deficit reduction.
    • And more dedicated to environmental protection and clean American jobs.

The Walz Record

This comprehensive energy plan is a major step forward, and it continues the fight to make American energy independent that Tim has championed since he came to Congress:

  • Tim voted for the CLEAN Energy Act, which rolled back $14 billion in taxpayer-paid subsidies and tax breaks for Big Oil companies (H.R. 2776) and redirected the money to renewable energy tax incentives.
  • Tim voted to crack down on foreign price fixing in the oil market, giving the Justice Department the power to take action against foreign price manipulation (H.R. 2264).
  • Tim voted for the Federal Price Gouging Prevention Act that will allow the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate and punish individuals and companies taking advantage of American consumers (H.R. 1252).
  • Tim supported the Energy Independence and Security Act, a plan to strengthen our energy security, create green jobs, develop innovative technologies, increase clean renewable energy production and increase fuel efficiency in cars (H.R. 6).
  • Tim voted to suspend purchases for America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (H.R. 6022), increasing the oil supply here at home and bringing immediate relief to consumers at the pump.
  • Tim introduced legislation to expand the use of wind energy (H.R. 2691).
  • Tim supported the DRILL Act (H.R. 6515), which would increase our domestic oil supply by speeding the development of the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska, fast-tracking completion of its oil pipeline so we can bring that oil to market, stopping Alaskan oil from being sold to the Chinese and other foreign nations, and passing ‘Use It or Lose It’ which makes oil companies drill on the leases they have or give them up to another company.