Tackling the Debt

 “As a teacher and a father, I stand strong against Washington’s attempts to burden future generations with wasteful government spending today. While some want to kick the can down the road, I know the only way we will ever find solutions to this difficult challenge is to put partisanship aside, take a balanced approach and engage all Americans to make hard, necessary choices."- Tim Walz

Tim believes we need to confront the national debt in a responsible way that does not harm the economy.  By taking a balanced approach that includes cutting wasteful programs, finding more efficiency, closing tax loopholes and bringing more fairness to our tax system, we can responsibly and collectively solve our debt problem.

Tim has a strong record of fiscal responsibility. Since first coming to Congress, he has fought for pay-as-you-go budgeting rules to force Congress to pay for what it spends. He also believes he has a responsibility to ensure taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely.

In the months to come, as this debate continues in Washington, Tim will be looking for bipartisan, common-sense solutions that reduce our deficit, invest in our future and keeps our promises to America’s seniors.